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FRP-Fibre Reinforced Polymer is a composite material made from Glass Fiber Reinforcement in a polymer matrix. The polymer is an epoxy, Vinyl Ester or unsaturated polyester thermo setting component and glass fibres in the form of woven roving, chopped strand mat and surfaceing veil. Aagam FRP manhole covers are manufactured using one-step Compression Molding Technology under high pressure resulting in a dense compact product with high impact and tensile strength.

Aagam manhole covers shall be made of Glass Fiber-Reinforced polymer with 45% to 70% of glass fibers, utilizing a thermoset resin matrix, manufactured with high pressure closed mould technology.

With uniform compaction throughout the body, the core material gives rigidity where as the FRP shell provides structural elasticity to the core material. This unique combination of rigidity and elasticity gives Aagam manhole cover a distinctive advantage over Cast Iron and Concrete Covers with better compressive and breaking strength. matrix, manufactured with high pressure closed mould technology.

The special Features of Aagam Manhole Covers

1) Uniform compact body structure.
2) No Air voids and internal fissures.
3) Tough surfaces with high impact strength.
4) Closed Key holes that block drain odour and dust falling inside.
5) Precise Double Seals preventing water flow inside.
6) Round corners prevent edges chipping.
7) Non skid surface with better Aesthetics.
8) Withstand harsh corrosive environments.
9) Minimal effects to ultraviolet radiation.

Benefits of Aagam Manhole Covers

1) Decorative and Antislip surface finishes with rich impregnated colors.
2) High strength to weight ratio.
3) Non Corrosive, Non Conductive, Non Magnetic and Fire Retardant.
4) Light weight, hence reduced injuries while handling and installation. 5) No Scrap Value, hence eliminate theft of covers.
6) For all traffic loads from pedestrian walkways to Heavy Vehicle movements – 1.5 Tons to 40 Tons.
7) Temperature withstanding from -40°C to +80°C.
8) Firm and do not move – Locked into the installed place.
9) Reduce Maintenance cost and Save Energy.

Aagam Manhole Covers

Aagam FRP range of Manhole Covers and frames have been specially developed to offer safer and easier access to underground inspection services with reduced risk of injury and meet the load requirements from pedestrian walkways to highways; suitable for Inspection chambers, UG Tanks, Overhead Tanks, Silt Trap chambers, Earth Pits, Rain Harvesting chambers, Podium catch Basins, STP tanks, Gas line chambers, Electrical & Communication chambers.

Aagam Manhole Covers Installation Guidelines

1) Prepare appropriate height of bricks/concrete seating bed over-which frame to be installed.
2) When adjusting the height of cover by more than 40mm a concrete ring can be used.
3) Spread 20-60 mm fine layer of cement mortar bed, install the frame with full contact and align at the correct height.
4) The frame must always be in full contact with the mortar bed and capable of bearing. If the substructure is not executed correctly, subsequent traffic load will cause loosening, early wear, rattling and even breakage of cover.
5) Clean the frame and cover contact surfaces completely and no mortar residue must be left over.
6) Close the cover and check that it is correctly supported on the frame.

Aagam Manhole Gully Covers

Aagam FRP Gully covers exceed conventional solutions in strength and durability, a light weight alternative to Concrete & Cast Iron covers, suitable for medium and heavy vehicle movement for commercial ways, Rainstorm drains, Surface Drains, Walkways and Footpaths, permitting the passage of water through itself checking water clogs.

Aagam Gratings

Aagam FRP Gratings are specially designed for Light & Medium Duty drains with light weight; easy installation; customised sizes for various applications including Basement drains and Landscape areas. Being non conductive and non magnetic they can be used safely for Electrical Trenches and various applications in Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Electronics, Food & Beverages, Automotive & Plating Industries. Sizes: Available in 30 and 40mm thickness of any size upto 1 meter width and 2 meters length Standard Sizes: 1080x377X30 or 40mm, 1080x451x30 or 40mm, 303x303mm, 599x599mm, 1080x1080mm

Aagam Recess Covers

Aagam FRP Recess Covers are simple and easy installable, providing an aesthetically pleasing look to complement the visual aspect of paving products, ideal for filling with gravel or bark chips and also for lawn and garden areas to replace artificial look of drain covers.

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